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You should be riding your bike…

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We have demo bikes!

We have a few bikes available to take for a test ride on the trails

Trek Fuel EX 9 650b, 19.5" frame

*More to come Spring 2016!*



Want to go for a test ride?

To Demo one of our bikes, we need a signed and complete waiver from you, and a copy of your photo ID and credit card, which will be shredded upon return of the bike.

Please call ahead for availability and trail conditions.


  • Four hours or less - $20.00
  • Five to seven hours - $30.00
  • Overnight (return by closing time the next day) - $50.00
  • Three-day or Friday thru Monday - $80.00
  • Weekly - $150.00


Bikes WILL NOT be available to demo on the trails if the trails are muddy.

You can help take care of the trails!

See a limb down on the trail? Take moment and move it.

There's a tree down somewhere? Take note of where it is and report it so we can get a certified sawyer out to remove it. (270-362-2453)

Is a drain blocked by leaves and debris? Use the heel of your shoe or a large stick to dig it out so water can drain away from the trail.

Simple things like this go a long way in keeping the trails awesome!

trail work

Also, follow us on Facebook for organized trail work days! Everyone is welcome. Usually work days occur in the Spring and Fall.

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