Mission: To enhance the quality of life and promote healthy lifestyles for our customers and their families by providing the best bicycles and equipment available, along with unmatched customer service and a commitment to long-term maintenance.

We do not want to just sell you a bike or fix your old bike. We want you to come ride with us and get involved with a good group of fellow riders! We will do everything possible to make your bike fit properly so you will enjoy your new or current bike.

We are very family-oriented. We strive to get parents, kids and families riding together. Bicycling is not only great exercise, it’s also a great family activity.

Our shop is a fun place to hang out as well. We keep fresh coffee in the pot, movies on the TV, and live entertainment with our occasional indoor tricycle races. =)

Jackie Gough

Jackie and his wife Ranee are the owners of Wood-N-Wave. Before becoming an owner, Jackie was a regular around the shop for a long time, helping customers, repairing bikes, and even doing bicycle paint touch-up work. He enjoys riding his fat bike, or his Niner Rip 9.

Ronnie “Cuz” Wilson

All right so Ronnie doesn't actually work at the shop, but he is one of the most familiar faces here. When he isn't farming or off checking out the trails, he is holding down the couch for us. One of his favorite phrases is, "I didn't do it." Ronnie is a super nice person and is fun to have around.

Ranee Gough

Ranee and her husband Jackie own Wood-N-Wave. Ranee is very competitive, so if you see her on the trail, give her a hard time. 😉 She is very organized, so look to see the shop getting lots of clean-up in the near future!