Hailey Kell

Hailey is the manager of the shop. She's been working here since September of 2009 when she came in to borrow a helmet and Steve gave her a job (pretty sweet right?). Hailey races Cat 1/Expert 19-29 and won the Cat 2/Sport category in the TBRA series for 2010, and the Cat 1/Expert category in 2011. She rides a Niner Jet 9 RDO.

Steve Wilson

The legendary Steve Wilson is the owner of Wood-N-Wave and is an all-around mountain biking freak. The man can ride no-hands down the trail while talking on the phone and making a sandwich (no joke, just ask Shawn). Steve races Cat 1/Expert 40-49 and currently rides a Salsa Dos Niner mountain bike.

Shirley "Mimi" Wilson

Shirley/Mimi is Steve's mom. She handles all the books, bills and other things of that nature for the shop. She is a great lady and is an adopted "Mimi" to many of us. Shirley likes to get new people to ride and will often ride with them. She rides a Gary Fisher Roscoe on the trail and a Trek 1.2 WSD on the road.

Kirk Strader

Kirk is the co-owner of Wood-N-Wave. He recently recovered from a hellacious road bike wreck he had in the fall of 2010. He could have easily been paralyzed, but thanks to the Lord and to well-made bicycle helmets, he is doing fine. He can usually be found working at the shop on Saturdays. Kirk rides a Gary Fisher Procaliber, but we're working on him to upgrade to a 29er...

Ronnie "Cuz" Wilson

All right so Ronnie doesn't actually work at the shop, but he is one of the most familiar faces here. When he isn't farming or off checking out the trails, he is holding down the couch for us. One of his favorite phrases is, "I didn't do it." Ronnie is a super nice person and is fun to have around. He rides the trail and the road.


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